Recording Experience Package at our West London studio. 


A few minutes' walk from the Park Royal Station, the Qube is a fantastic studio for those using public transport. 

This package makes the perfect gift for the musician in your life - we're all about accessibility here at B Side Recording so this studio recording experience is geared toward budding musicians who may not have any studio experience under their belt but can easily be adapted to seasoned musicians who want to know their way around the studio better and gain valuable insight into the process leaving you with knowledge that will help you get the most out of any studio sessions you have in the future. 

Being musicians ourselves we know how intimidating the first steps into any studio can be, so here at B Side we break down those barriers and provide an immersive experience to give you a taste of studio recording. We start with a walk through studio tour before getting ready to record the single vocalist to backing track music - if we're already all plugged in when you arrive we'll explain briefly what we've done so if you're ever in a studio during set up you have the reassurance of knowing what's going on. We'll also explain what kind of microphone we use in simple terms, and get you set up to start recording. We create an open environment so any questions you have you can feel free to ask, and once we have some vocals down for you we'll invite you into the control room and let you know what kind of effects we're using on your voice - that way if you love how it sounds you'll know what to ask for in your next studio session! During the session we'll have our photographer take some photos to help you remember your experience with us, and once we're done for the day we'll go away and mix and master the track for you so you have a professional recording to keep. Any follow up questions or things you forgot to ask on the day? No problem, ask away! 

This package includes an in-studio experience, photography on the day and the mixing and mastering of 1 track for a single vocalist to a backing track provided by you - if you have more than 1 vocalist.

Studio Recording Experience