Feels Like Hollie Beadell
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Feels Like - Film Composition Concept

I created Feels Like for an Undergraduate Film, working directly with the director's to get a deep understanding of the concept and tone of the film, as this was part way through filming at the time. It was created for the beginning title sequence and end credits, as well as to be included within the film soundtrack and in scene as the main song of the film - similar to 'Skyfall' and other films with large hard hitting songs that encapsulate the film. 

Ultimately this remained a concept after months of collaboration for a variety of reasons and due to the film being largely effected by Covid-19. 

Feels Like's main strength in my opinion is the cascade of emotion held within the harmonics, deepened by the constructed strings and melodic guitars. The lyrical depth delves into the role of the protagonist in the film, and speaks to the audience communicating her pain and story. The song delves into my own experience with witnessing the pain that mental health conditions can cause, and I feel this is subtly translated into the undertone of the song.