Regrettable @ Pirate Hollie Beadell
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Drowning V2 @ PirateHollie Beadell
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Love Hate @ PirateHollie Beadell
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Ray Charlie @ PirateHollie Beadell
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Jukebox Nights Live EP

During the rehearsals for the Jukebox Nights Tour I created a Live EP which featured single take, live played recordings of the band. This was featured as a tour exclusive EP, which allowed people to take home what they were hearing on the stage, as the featured songs had been adapted and altered during the process of curating the live sound - for example Regrettable took on a Ska vibe previously not heard in the original. 

Curating these versions allowed me and the musicians I was working with the opportunity to really push the boat out, and create a truly unique tour experience as well as allowing the musicians playing on the tour to have an element of creative input into what they were creating with me. I mixed and mastered these in a minimal way to keep the authentic raw sound of the live songs.