Crawl testHollie Beadell
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Amber Eyes TestHollie Beadell
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CigaretteHollie Beadell
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Low Fi EP

I am currently composing and writing an EP, centrally based around Low Fi Sound, taking it back to the sound of the 1950s/60s tape machine era, adding tape and cassette emulation plugins. This creates a raw low fi sound, which makes the music feel more real and connected in my opinion. I am also incorporating a 1960s Elizabethan tape machine through sampling to create the iconic whirr of a tape machine within the track. 

There is a lot of opportunity to experiment with abstract sampling and impulse response through the EP which will create a varied dynamic within it. I am also experimenting automation within the string section to create a humanist stroke effect and manipulate velocity in the chords to recreate the flow of the wrist movement which can be lost in perfect recreation of loops and constructed strings.  

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