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Jukebox Nights

I wrote and recorded vocals for the entire Jukebox Nights Album. I was also involved heavily in the production, mixing and mastering of each song and had various coproducers throughout. We partly recorded in studios and home studios to complete the album, and worked with a variety of instrumentalists who collaborated on the composition I had already created. 

Creating an album, which was released on iTunes, Spotify and other streaming platforms as well as on the album release tour, allowed me to be experimental with the elements that I chose - from new recording techniques, creating samples from various abstract sources and impulse responses. This created an unexpected dynamic within the songs, which allowed each song to connect to the objects, places and the history of funk and soul which was a heavy influence on the album, transforming the album from a pop album to a multi genre album that pushed my boundaries, as well as the boundaries of the genres it reflected. 

The tour featured venues such as the O2 Islington, Studio 45 at Brighton Electric, The Electric Theatre in Guildford, and venues in Horley and Reigate. Singles from the album were also played on BBC Radio Surrey & Sussex, Eagle Radio, Reverb Radio, Surrey Hills Radio, Ridge Radio and Brooklands Radio. After the tour was completed the album was also featured in HMV Guildford, which involved a live in-store promotion.