B-Side Recording

B-Side recording is a small business I own and manage that offers indie musicians the opportunity to record at a lower cost than a traditional studio recording. 

The format of a live performance recording, professionally mic'ed up and levelled, provides the perfect introduction to recording for newer and inexperienced artists - we've found this gives much better results too for nervous musicians as they are playing with their normal band dynamic, bouncing off eachother and feeling much less pressurised. It also cuts expenses and therefore end price down, as the musicians are playing as an ensemble not perfecting each part individually. Once the main song has been recorded and everyone's feeling much less nervous we can then record backing vocals, guitar noodles and further elements to lift the track, or keep the raw live style if that's what they're looking for. 

All recording, video recording and editing, mixing and mastering is done in house, by myself, and I work closely with the musicians to achieve the end sound they're looking for.